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Okay, how do I even begin this thing!? Hi, I’m Michelle Rivera! Please sign up for my newsletter and tell me your name and email address so I can say hello!

I know I’m supposed to “niche down”, and if you don’t know what that means then you’re lucky enough to NOT stay up all night researching successful social media business’. But I find it impossible to stay focused on one thing at a time… for loooooong periods of time.

Speaking of which, you should probably know, my entire family has ADHD (myself, my husband, my kids). I got it from my mom and I was raised like most kids with ADHD before it was really understood- with a whole lotta shame. Now, I know that it’s my super power and I teach my kids the same thing about theirs.

Okay, so what am I multi-passionate about? First of all, I LOVE alternative health and wellness. And I’m talking alternative to the alternative health and wellness. I’m obsessed with pro-metabolic lifestyle as taught by Dr. Ray Peat and Kate Deering.

Are you ready? Here we go! I’m very passionate about homebirth, classical homeopathy, homeschooling, fermentation, clean beauty, neurodivergent parenting neurodivergent kids, questioning the government, pharma and general dissent.

I’m also partnered with an incredible health & wellness company that I love to talk about. As well as offering home organizing services over Zoom and in-person.

See why it’s so hard to niche down?! I guess this is a lifestyle blog… but instead of talking about cupcakes and cashmere, I want to talk about why dairy is actually REALLY good for you (when it’s organic and grass-fed), how Pfizer is the largest supporter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, how that’s collusion and how even natural sunscreens can be toxic.

I suppose I’ve always thought people were crazy while they thought the same thing about me. So, it’ve created my own little corner of the internet and here you are!

Thank you for stopping by, please take a look around and be sure to leave your name and email so I can let you know when I have a new crazy idea that I want to hear your opinion on!